Global Advantage 122210 DCC Fixed CMM
Measuring Range: X: 1200mm (47.2”) Y: 2200mm (86.6”) Z: 100mm (39.4”)
Weight cap. 4960lbs (2250KG)

(2) Romer Hexagon Metrology RA 8725 SEI CMM Arm
8.4’ Reach
3D Scan Capabilities
Accuracy +/- .001 1

Romer Hexagon Metrology 5128 CMM Arm
9’ Reach
Accuracy +/- .001 6

Metrolab Granite Surface Plate
6’ x 5’

Fowler Portable Roughness Tester

Time Hardness Tester HLN-11A

Starrett HB400 Optical Measuring Projector

Pratt and Whitney Precision gages

Blocks, Thread, Pin, and Bore gages

Inspection Software
Power Inspect