Shaw Industries & Welding Technologies

The one stop shop for all your machining and welding needs.

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From one-off parts to production manufacturing,
Shaw Industries/Welding Technologies is your answer.

Shaw Industries has been providing top-quality machined parts since 1941. Established in 2003, Welding Technologies has set the standard in the fabrication and die-welding industries. We can handle almost anything with 84,000 sq. ft of combined working space and 35,000lb machine capacity. We have become a valued supplier to Oil and Gas, Mining, Forging, and Transportation Industries. Since our merger with Welding Technologies in 2008, we have become a turnkey operation.

Both Shaw Industries &  Welding Technologies are ISO 9001:2015JCP Approved, and ITAR Registered


Shaw Industries / Welding Technologies offers machining and welding services to several industries. The 52k sq. ft machine shop has the capability of machining a wide variety of parts weighing up to 33k lbs. Welding Technologies has a 32k sq. ft. facility and boasts a state-of-the-art robotic die welder which provides a turnkey solution for our customer needs. Whether we’re building new forging components, welding fabrications, or machining complex parts, Shaw Industries / Welding Technologies has it covered.